For Flexo printing ink systems. Surface printing application on HDPE woven sacks especially for Fertilizer grade packing, suitable for roll to bag and bag to bag printing.

Fertilizer packing (Roll to bag and bag to bag printing) can also be used on HDPE untreated substrate.

Print Substrate
• Untreated and Treated HDPE

Key Product Feature
• Good Printability and re –solubility
• Good nail & scuff resistance
• Good gloss
• Good Light Fastness
• High colour strength
• Confirm to international standards & specifications
• Good doctor blade life
• Immediate adhesion on treated and untreated substrate HDPE.

Ink Application Details
NORMAL –   Recommended Reducer of ‘’ IMPRINT INK’’
RETARDER –   Recommended Reducer of ‘’IMPRINT INK’’  

Standard colours with non ARSR & ARSR properties, which can be further intermixed to get desired shades at press room level.

All resistance properties are guideline only and dependent on pigment selection, tone to tone (half tone to full tone); print quality and substrate to substrate.

Health & Safety 
Read the Health & Safety guidelines before using these products .The user is responsible for all local legislation requirement and packaging conditions.

Ink Handling 
Please refer to general guidelines for handling inks for flexible packaging.