This grade of ink is formulated for extrusion lamination system , deliver excellent bond strength enhances Printability at high speed printing machines. Suitable for alcohol sachet.

Print Substrate
• Plain Polyester Film 
• Corona-treated Polyester Film
• Chemically coated Polyester Film
• BOPP Film
• Treated BOPP Film

Key Product Feature
• Excellent printability & resolubility
• High colour strength
• Higher bond strength
• Excellent half tone reproduction
• Clean and sharp image 
• Good printability even at high speed press
• Confirm to international standards & specifications
• Good doctor blade life
• Versatile ink
• Suitable for all types of polyester
• Excellent reusability and stability resulting in less wastage 
• Low solvent retention/low odour
• Suitable for speed from 50m/m to 200m/m

REDUCER ̴ Toluene + Ethyl Acetate (1:1)


Recommended print speed (mts/min) ̴ 50-250

Print Viscosity (In sec by Ford Cup @30 C) ̴ Gravure 17-20

Standard colours with non ARSR & ARSR properties, which can be further intermixed to get desired shades at press room level.

Suitable for solvent base/solvent less adhesives lamination

Not recommended for surface printing applications, Bright & excellent print sharpness, Good lamination bond strength.

Health & Safety
Read the Health & Safety guidelines before using these products .The user is responsible for all local legislation requirement and packaging conditions.

Ink Handling 
Please refer to general guidelines for handling inks for flexible packaging.